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Happy Tuesday

Posted: Dec 02 2014

Happy Tuesday, Ellie Jay fans!


I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving and had a weekend filled with family, food, and fun! Now that it’s officially December, it’s time to start constructing our holiday wish lists. No matter what you celebrate, December is a great month for gift giving (and receiving!). When I try to brainstorm my dream gifts for the holiday season, I always start by looking to my favorite celebrities for inspiration. Luckily, with Ellie Jay Jewels, it’s easy to emulate the looks of your favorite stars, just like adorable Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale!


Lucy is a master of the elegant and classic style that we love here at Ellie Jay. She is often seen wearing an X ring that you can mirror with an Ellie Jay X ring of your own, and her hard H ring can be matched with our soft one. If you’re looking to receive a gift that’s as sophisticated and understated as Lucy Hale’s signature look, keep these pieces in mind!



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